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Heather Parsons

I first came to Skopelos in 1986 to work and was delighted by the "old fashioned" natural beauty of the island. One is still able to get right off the beaten track to peaceful, green countryside, magnificent views and nothing to hear but the buzzing of insects, the birds singing and the tinkling of goat's bells. It's great for bird/butterfly watchers, botanists, in fact anyone who appreciates what nature has to offer.

In 1988 I bought a cottage and settled. In 1990 the Sotos Walking Guide copyright was given to me. Since taking the guide over I have annually updated and added to it. In April 2001 the guide was given a face-lift and a new name: Skopelos Trails, which incorporates the Sotos guide and includes nature notes and "spotters'' lists. From May to October I guide walking tours and hikes. Winters are spent re-marking the trails and attempting to maintain them.

yours truly,
Heather Parsons

Skopelos Holidays combines the protection of a UK-booked, tailor-made holiday
with local year round representation on the island.

Skopelos Holidays, Yiftorema Skopelos Island 37003 Magnesia Greece