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Skopelos Island

Kastro (old village fortification walls) with Alonissos in the distance.

"It was inevitable that handsomely rugged Skopelos would follow Skiathos in its development, but it has done so a bit more wisely and at a slower pace. Its beaches are not so numerous or as pretty, but Skopelos town is one of the most beautiful ports in Greece, and the island is richer in vegetation, with windswept pines growing down to secluded coves, wide beaches, and terraced cliffs of angled rock slabs. The interior is densely planted with fruit and nut orchards. The famous plums and almonds from Skopelos are liberally used in the island's unique cuisine. The coastline, like that of Skiathos, is punctuated by impressive grottoes and bays, and you'll find frequent need for a camera. Skopelos is also known for keeping alive the rembetika music, the Greek version of American "blues," to be heard in several tavernas late in the evening." Frommers Greece


Skopelos Holidays combines the protection of a UK-booked, tailor-made holiday
with local year round representation on the island.

Skopelos Holidays, Yiftorema Skopelos Island 37003 Magnesia Greece